Miss-sold PPI or Payment Protection Insurance (via Ridgewaymarketeer’s Blog)

Miss-sold PPI or Payment Protection Insurance Payment Protection Insurance or PPI was originally introduced to cover loans and mortgages in the event that the purchaser was unable to fulfill their financial obligations due to sickness, redundancy or accident. Much of the payment protection insurance was sold indiscriminately or was Miss-sold to borrowers at least for the last decade, many of the banks and institutions forced their customers to take out Payment protection policies in order to … Read More

via Ridgewaymarketeer's Blog

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Miss-sold PPI or Payment Protection Insurance

Miss-sold PPI or Payment Protection Insurance.

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The Dog Chewing On A Trainer

In the UK we have a program on BBC TV called the Dragons Den.

This program is designed to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their business ideas to 4-5 wealthy dragons who have the chance to invest into the businesses that are being showcased in return for a percentage of the company. If you are unfamiliar with this program you can check it out on Utube.

Recently I was watching an episode of The Dragons Den when I heared one of the Dragons, which was Duncan Bannatyne come out with the phrase The Dog Ate My Trainers
You, may be wondering(as I was) what this phrase is about.

Well here’s the explanation:-

(And I do apologize to  Duncan Bannetyne up front if the details aren’t absolutely spot on, as this is from memory and therefore a rounded version as I recall it).

When Duncan Bannetyne opened up one of his health clubs he tried to promote it in local press on radio and in all the other ways that you would normally expect to see advertising launches and promotions.
The response was as expected something like 1 in 1000 people that read the publication saw the advert or heard the promotion decided to give it a go, so in order to speed up the membership take up process he decided to give away free memberships.
For obvious reasons he then got a massive response to his campaign and his memberships increased dramatically, he did however notice that although the membership rate had increased hugely the attendance rate was still poor, members were still not coming and spending money at the facilities and the exercise machines coffee shops bars and cafeterias were very quiet and in some sessions empty.
He spoke to his marketing staff and they sent out various letters to the members in order to increase the flow of users to the facilities. The feedback that they received from the members was quite often, that they could not get to the gym for various reasons, so the king of business Duncan Bannetyne being a true entrepreneur decided to lay on a completely Free Collection Service, to pick up customers from their homes and drop them back after they had taken some exercise and used the facilities.
Unfortunately after operating the service for a short period of time, it became clear that the collection facility was running around empty, members were not taking up the FREE TRANSPORT in order to use the FREE GYM facilities.
Armed with this information Duncan Bannetyne mustered up his army of marketing troops and asked them to telephone all of the members of the gym in order to find out why the free transport and free exercise facilities were not being taken advantage of, and what they could do to improve the uptake of the facilities.
having spent considerable time and resources the team manager reported the findings back to Duncan.
I’m sure that you can now guess what one of the biggest excuses that was used was…yes that’s right…


There is a moral to this story which is fairly self explanatory:-

You Can Only Do so Much For People That Do Not Want To Help Themselves…You can LEAD a horse to water but you CANNOT FORCE it to drink.

With this in mind I would like to introduce you to Genuine Opportunity to Reclaim Thousands of Pounds that could be legitimately owed to you by the banks or lending houses.
But first let me ask:-
If you were walking down a fairly busy road and you saw a large bundle of banknotes rolled up with an elastic band on the other side of the street, are you the sort of person that would just ignore it and carry on walking because you cant be bothered to navigate the traffic in order to collect you reward?

Or would you  swiftly cross the street navigating moving cars and motorcycles in order to get to your prize?
This is not a Trick Question and there is Absolutely No Catch.
For Many years Banks, Building societies and other lenders have been systematically mis selling add on products to Loans HP and Mortgages.  Under UK law these “add on” products can be-re reimbursed to you with 8% interest added.

If you have taken one of these loans with Payment Protection Insurance and to find out how these products have been mis-sold.
Go Straight To:-

Where you will receive further instructions on how to collect your refund.
Don’t Be Lazy, Go Now!

Or Will It Just Be Another Case Of ?


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Miss-sold PPI or Payment Protection Insurance

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI was originally introduced to cover loans and mortgages in the event that the purchaser was unable to fulfill their financial obligations due to sickness, redundancy or accident.

Much of the payment protection insurance was sold indiscriminately or was Miss-sold to borrowers at least for the last decade, many of the banks and institutions
forced their customers to take out Payment protection policies in order to protect their own interests without regard for the customers ability to make a claim on
the policy.

PPI was sold alongside a loan or mortgage, called, single premiums, because of this the interest gets higher because of the added premium of the cover. PPI is

supposed to be independent of the loan or mortgage, meaning it can be obtained from an independent insurance provider often at a much lower cost.

It has never been compulsory to insure loans, however the banks and institutions often implied that the loan would be looked upon more favourably if it had a PPI or Payment Protection Insurance policy attached, very often the customer was not given a  full description of the cover that was included and in many circumstances the were not told of the exclusions and, at times they did not even tell the borrowers that they have buried the Payment Protection Insurance cover within the loans they were asking for.

In most circumstances bank managers were targeted on the “Add On Products” as these created separate and extremely lucrative additional income streams to the banks and institutions which includes all or most of the high street lenders and many of the less recognized lenders. Furthermore most of the employees that sold these PPI Policies were in turn themselves targeted on the volume of “Bolt On” products that they had included. These individuals were often put on additional commission structures that would reflect the sales of these products.

The inclusion of PPI was often used as a bargaining chip suggesting that a speedy and sure approval of their loans was more likely. This kind of procedural selling of was not a true reflection of what was originally intended to be a really good and viable insurance cover, especially with the current economic situation.
This mis selling is considered generally as systematic abuse of the intended use of the product.

Now, if you think that you have purchased a miss-sold PPI, either on an existing loan or a loan that has already been paid off you can ask a professional company to present your case firstly to the lender and then to the Financial Services ombudsman if necessary this company will relentlessly pursue your claim to the end, They will even demand that the lender pays you back interest on your money. This company has a panel of solicitors that will represent you in a litigation case if it goes that far (which is quite rare, I might add).

They will take on your case on a conditional “No Win No Fee” bases so you really have nothing to lose by asking them to look at your claim.

In the event that they win damages from your claim which is more often than not, as it is widely accepted that up to 89% of all Payment Protection Policies Have Been Mis Sold one way or another.

If this post has made you wonder whether you have a valid claim for mis sold PPI you can visit www.writeoff-myloan.co.uk where you will be able to make a very easy and brief enquiry.

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Reduce Your Electric Bills.

Take a sneaky preview at a little known “Insider Secret” on How to Reduce Your Electric Bills.

Each and every month, we all get that dreaded little envelope in the post that literally gives you that gut wrenching feeling when we have to open it. That envelope is the Monthly Electricity Bill. As the costs for utilities continue to escalate, consumers have definitely started to look for viable cost effective and alternative ways to reduce your power bills.

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It could not be easier to produce your own electricity by following a step by step blueprint on how to simply and cheaply build your own Magnetic Power Source that is so environmentally friendly that it produces green sustainable energy sufficient to help to run an average family home, furthermore you can safely place this device within the confines of your own home, it takes up almost no space at all and runs silently without giving off any kind of toxins or waste into the environment. I’m not talking about enormous unsightly wind turbines or ugly photovoltaic panels plastered to the roof of your home.
I’m talking about a small magnetic device that you can build and mount yourself, that will give you a permanent sustainable and green ozone friendly power source.
This article is purely designed to be an introduction and to wet your appetite.

To find out more on: How to Reduce Your Electric Bill Insider Secrets
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